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How to Harden Your Computer With Windows Security

Terbit 18 May 2023 | Oleh : admin admin | Kategori : Uncategorized

If you own a Windows 10 device, your operating system comes with several security tools that will help you strengthen your computer. Windows Security, formerly known as Microsoft Defender, provides antivirus and malware protection, a firewall and security settings to ensure you are secure.

Its real-time antimalware Core isolation, as well as hardware-level features (like Secure Boot and the security processor) can help you safeguard yourself against many types of threats, without slowing down your system. Windows Security lets you manage your account protection and device sign-in as well as other options.

Even even if your system is secure with the best security measures, passwords and other safeguards malware can still make its way in and cause problems. It’s crucial to regularly backup your data and update your operating system. Windows 10 includes a variety of backup tools and cloud storage services that make it simple to secure your files.

You can utilize Windows Backup, File History, or Recovery Drives to regularly back up your system and restore it if an emergency arises. You should also think about cloud-based solutions such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and other backup tools for businesses.

Limiting access to your device is essential. Be sure that no one is granted Administrator access. This will ensure that no one uses your computer to make major changes that may put your data at risk. This can be done by setting up your own Standard accounts or by restricting access to your device with Parental Controls.

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