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Antivirus Protection Features

Terbit 5 September 2023 | Oleh : admin admin | Kategori : Uncategorized

Computers are everywhere in our lives. They assist us in play and work, monitor patients in hospitals, and monitor critical manufacturing processes. However, this convenience comes with some drawbacks, since more computer-oriented devices can be a threat to malicious coders.

Antivirus protection scans programs and files to detect potential threats. It acts as a real-time defense against cyberattacks. It can identify infected programs and files by their telltale sign – two lines or assembly code that overwrites the stack pointer as an example and compares them against the database of known malware software. If the program matches the antivirus software, it will stop it from running, or moves the program to quarantine so that it can be thoroughly scanned and analysed.

Unfortunately, malicious software developers always create new software with more subtle and avast updator distinct signatures. Antivirus software must be updated their databases. The good thing is that once a virus has been detected and added to the detection database it becomes harder for hackers to use that signature against other machines.

For that reason, most good antivirus programs come with many additional features to help guard against a wider range of malware threats. They include:

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